Principle Investigator

Lindsey M. Costantini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Costantini joined North Carolina Central University in 2018. Dr. Costantini’s research program integrates her background in Molecular & Cellular Biology, microscopy and Virology to study the molecular interactions (protein-protein and protein-DNA) involved in human herpesvirus DNA replication and the cellular changes that impact viral reactivation from the latent to lytic phase of virus replication.


SPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow

2014-2018 Advisors Dr. Blossom Damania and Dr. Jack D. Griffith

Doctorate, Biomedical Sciences

2008-2014 Advisor Dr. Erik L. Snapp

Master of Science, Molecular and Cell Biology

2005-2008, Advisor Dr. David Knecht

Bachelors of Science, Molecular and Cell Biology


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