Lab events


January 2021: Congrats Cynthia!

Cynthia accepted into NCCU INBS PhD program! Cynthia will complete her PhD research in the Costantini lab.


November 2020: Congrats Jayla!

Graduate student successfully defends her Master’s thesis

Pictured Jayla Calhoun
October 2020: MS student declare Costantini Lab!

Cynthia Obilor joined the lab to conduct her Master’s thesis research!

August 2020: PhD student declare Costantini Lab

Ernest Canty join the lab to conduct his Doctoral’s thesis research!

June 2020: Congrats Lizzie!

1st graduate student successfully defends her Master’s thesis 

Pictured Elizabeth Goins
April 2020: NIH SCORE (SC2) Grant Awarded!

1st NIH funded grant awarded for the laboratory 


July 2019: UNC Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Poster presentation, “The effects of ethanol and acetate on KSHV reactivation” John W. Leland, Elizabeth Goins, Lindsey M. Costantini

Pictured Jack W. Leland and Lindsey M. Costantini
June 2019: Electron microscope arrives at NCCU from UNC-CH!
Phillips CM12 Transmission Electron Microscope on loading dock

CM12 in its new home at NCCU, reassembly in progress.
May 2019: NCCU Undergraduate Graduation

Jordyn Montague graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science degree.


December 2018: Masters student declare Costantini Lab

Jayla Calhoun and Elizabeth Goins join the lab to conduct their Master’s thesis research!

August 2018: Costantini Lab Established
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